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From Tripadvisor:


“”Kieron The Mighty”……Just Incredible!”
5 Stars

We visited this brilliant venue last night for an evening of Magic. The bar itself was intimate and cosy, and all the staff were really friendly (and remembered your drinks order throughout the night!)

A little after 8 o’clock we were invited in to a small stage room at the back of the bar to start our evening of magic entertainment.
The evening was billed at Dee Christopher as the main act with Kieron The Mighty as his supporting act.
To be honest i would happily pay to see both acts as ‘Headline’ Acts, they were both brilliant!
We had seen Kieron entertain us with his close-up magic on a Wednesday night at The Clifton.
I wondered how his intimate, very close up style of magic would transfer to a larger audience and a ‘stage’ environment. However, i have to say his magic was as powerful, mind boggling and personal as it was when he was sitting at our table performing in the pub.
Kieron’s magic was once again AWESOME! …..and he entertained the audience with his wit and quirkiness, leaving us all wanting more…..and as for the “Fruit Trick”…..well….jaw dropping!
The total cost of 2 hours of entertainment was £8!! Such a bargain….we will definitely be visiting again and will be signing up for future dates!
Watch this magician! He will go far!!
Well done to to you all for giving us a really refreshingly brilliant night out!



Amazing magician – Kieron the Mighty (Lefever)”
5 stars

Have come to this pub on a couple of Saturday nights and been lucky that the amazing magician, Kieron the Mighty, has been there working his magic around the tables.

Truly mind boggling trying to work out how he reads your mind, makes things disappear, reappear, bend or break. Amazing entertainment, a gifted magician. Pure magic!